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Zimbra Collaboration is the world's first open-source messaging and collaboration solution, adopted by more than 5,000 businesses and public sector customers, and more than 500 million end users, in more than 140 countries.

We have extensive experience with small, medium and large scale email systems. In addition to the usual open-source products, we are Gold Partner & Value Added Reseller of Zimbra Company in Tunisia and Africa. We are also, Zimbra Certified Training Partner, therefore we are able to provide licenses, services and training on the Zimbra Collaboration Suite platform.



We provide cloud solutions based on the most robust operating system on the market, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

Above the hardware layer, we provide virtualization and cloud solutions with Red Hat Virtualization, Red Hat OpenStack, Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat CloudForms products; thus we cover the IaaS and PaaS layers of Cloud Computing.

The cloud brings computing power, storage and network systems to users on demand. Your cloud infrastructure must be elastic to support your business where traditional on-premises data center resources cannot.


We provide intranet server solutions based on the industry's most robust operating system, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Our goal is to modernize your existing resources wherever possible and reduce the time and money you spend maintaining them.

Based on operating system, we build high availability clustering solutions for databases, web servers, application servers, mail and others.

Within the framework of data protection, we offer scalable and comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solutions based on Bacula and Acronis products.

Our solutions can be delivered turnkey, hardware and software.


Automation and Management

Cloud-ready, agentless management and automation solutions make it easy to standardize, automate and administer processes.

As part of our partnership with Red Hat, we take development environments to another level of automation, employing new DevOps techniques and best practices in the market.

Our team is certified on the PaaS Openshift platform, on the administration side and on the development side. We will know how to give the best of the market to your teams.

Unified communication

Unified communications can be understood as a collection of communications over IP. IP-based tools, such as web conferencing, audio and video conferencing, unified messaging, and instant messaging have been in use for some time.

Unified communications are all of these tools accessible through a unified method.

The first brick in such a system is the telephony infrastructure which must necessarily be based on IP. Then all the communication components are added and integrated easily. For example, fax, email, voice-mail, instant messaging, web-conferencing or video-conferencing, etc.

Telephony or voice over IP (ToIP or VoIP) can be easily integrated into the current information system, so you can generate invoices or consumption reports for internal and external lines with a few mouse clicks, or export to MS Excel / Calc and process the data at your convenience.